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Would you think that Moshe would be unhappy  to see  the advancements of his older brother, Aharon?


It is clear that Aharon rejoiced at the successes of his younger brother, Moshe, something to which Hashem attested. It would be reasonable that Moshe would feel the same way regarding Aharon. Besides the outstanding character that Moshe possessed ... READ MORE...

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¿Creerías que Moshé no estaría contento de ver los avances de su hermano mayor, Aharon?

Está claro que Aharon se regocijó por los éxitos de su hermano menor, Moshé, algo a lo que Hashem atestiguó. [1] Sería razonable que Moshé sintiera lo mismo con respecto a Aharon. Además del carácter sobresaliente que poseía Moshé,   Leér mas...




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