Is there something about fire that strikes of brotherhood?


We find a pyre referred to as ‘brother’. Yirmiyahu sent a scroll to King Yehoyakim warning of the coming destruction of the Beis HaMikdash. The king tossed the scroll into the flames, as it states, “And the ach was burning before him.” The Talmud asks, “What is ach?” Shmuel answered, “Sticks of wood that caught fire in brotherhood.” What is that supposed to mean?


Rashi explains: “The pieces of wood are lit one from the other. The smaller one lights the bigger one...READ MORE

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El agua salada en la mesa del Seder nos recuerda las lágrimas de Israel que se derramaron durante la persecución egipcia. ¿Tiene un significado adicional? ¿Aparece en algún otro lugar en el ritual?


“Cuando Hashem dividió las aguas superiores e inferiores en el segundo día de la Creación, las aguas inferiores se separaron llorando. Exclamaron: "¡Ay de nosotros... 

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