If you were asked who you consider a devoted spouse, whose name comes to mind?


The wife of Noach certainly demonstrated such character. The Midrash states that her name was Na’amah, which means pleasant and lovely. She was known to be a Tzadekes, a righteous woman who raised righteous children and deserved to be saved from the Mabul, the Great Flood, in her own merit.


It states in the Torah, “And Noach found favor in the eyes of Hashem.” It is really interesting...READ MORE

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Si te preguntaran a quién consideras un cónyuge devoto, ¿qué nombre te viene a la mente?

La esposa de Noaj ciertamente demostró tal carácter. El Midrash afirma que su nombre era Na'amah, que significa agradable y adorable. Se la conocía por ser una Tzadeket, una mujer justa que crió hijos justos y merecía ser salvada del Mabul, el Gran Diluvio, por sus propios méritos.

Dice en la Torá: "Y Noaj halló gracia ante los ojos de Hashem". Es realmente interesante... Leér mas

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