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Hershel Becker was born in New York, to Holocaust survivors whose experiences fueled his passion for family and Judaism. His desire to share Torah with a broader audience led him to Miami in 1986, where he serves as congregational Rabbi, educator, and beloved spiritual mentor. 

In Pursuit of Peace: A Torah Guide to Relationships is his second book.

His first book, Love Peace: Blueprints for Lasting Relationships, is also available in Spanish (Ama La Paz).

In Pursuit of Peace is a wellspring of information and insights on relationships culled from Biblical, Talmudic, and Kabbalistic sources. Deep concepts are presented in a format that make them accessible and relevant. Whether you are looking for an approach to enhance your daily interpersonal connections, an engaging concept to share from the Torah portion, or concrete lessons to enrich your life, you will find what you are seeking in this clear and compelling Torah guide to relationships.

In this new volume of Rabbi Becker’s wonderful series of books bringing the wisdom of the Torah to daily life, he once again show his gift for sharing practical and highly useful messages rooted in timeless Troah wisdom. Each essay can serve as an invaluable springboard for sparking discussion. These highly readable and relatable essays convey important lessons on living a life imbued with wisdom about interpersonal relationships and enduring values. I highly recommend this book.


Professor, Straus Chair in Psychology and Education

Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration


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