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Referring to the Torah, the Talmud says, "Review it and review it, for all within it." Rabbi Hershel Becker has drawn from this infinite source of Divine wisdom, emphasizing the character traits that will enhance harmonious interpersonal relationships. A great contribution.
Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski
Author, Lecturer, Medical Director Emeritus, Gateway Rehabilitation Center

    It is so needed in mishpachos (families) and communities and a wonderful sefer (book) that should be shared and spread among Klal Yisroel (the Jewish community).
     Harav Shmuel Kaminetsky
Dean, Talmudic Yeshiva of Philadelphia
Council of Torah Sages
World-renowned educator and mentor
Thank you very much I am really enjoying the book and have already used some material in Shul. . . 
Rabbi G,  U.K.
My mom and my sisters and I were standing in the foyer leaving for school and I told my mom that the  Love Peace book is excellent. She said, "Wait, you've seen the book? Do you know where it is?" I told her, 'Yeah, it's in my backpack. I bring it to school. It's awesome for my divrei Torah."
 She told me that she had been looking for it for two weeks because she studies with her partner in torah over the phone from this book. She was glad that it wasn't lost and was more glad that I was using it and enjoying it!      
                                                  Aharon  age 13
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This is amazing and inspiring book! I totally recommend it for anyone looking for a meaning in life and love.
This book is written to be enjoyed year round. In a world oozing with turmoil and tragedy, this book functions as an inspiring shining light. It is highly relevant in modern times while expressing universal principles of happiness and joy. I recommend this book to anyone who wants a true and deep insight into all of the relationships we form. 
                            Randy Narkir
Inspired by the 9/11 tragedy, Rabbi Becker asks why, at the end of the day, do we often say, "I love you", followed by "good bye". This book explores many types of relationships, and how, guided by the blue print of the Torah, we can achieve closer, more lasting relationships. We need not wait to fulfill satisfying relationships, we can initiate them. This book guides one through the process. Filled with vignettes, the book follows the weekly Torah portion with suggested thoughts and actions that help us connect to ourselves and to others.
                           Robin Denison
Rabbi Becker's book Love Peace is a beautiful book. My wife and I are thoroughly enjoying it. It is written in a way that people of all ages and all levels of Judaism will find spiritual and informative. Rabbi Becker pulls out a main theme of the weekly parshah (Torah reading) that addresses personal relationships and ends the chapter with a one or two statement review. Love Peace masterfully bridges Torah, everyday life and conciseness in one book.                    
                       Neal B. Finkelstein
I love how the Rabbi so concisely packages the morals of each teaching into little nuggets that stand on their own. You can open any page and learn a new perspective, and maybe something new about yourself along the way. You can go at your own pace, and not necessarily in order. It's well worth it!!!
As someone who has been doing Jewish outreach on campus for seven years I have found the sefer Love Peace exceptionally accessible to all regardless of background or affiliation.  Whether as stand alone divrei Torah (commentary) or as a springboard for discussion, anyone attempting to reveal the Torah’s relevance and beauty will find this work extremely useful and inspiring.

Rabbi Saj Freiberg
Executive Director
Jewish Collegiate Learning Exchange